31 Jul

When to call 911

The United States has decided to use the 911 phone number for emergency response services. This number can be dialed free from any phone where an emergency response is required.

Here we explain when to call a 911 number that you should not use this number when you should not.


  1. Call a phone 911 to report something that requires an officer to come to the police (as that someone is attacked or someone being robbed).
  2. Call a phone to call 911 for an ambulance to help in medical emergency.
  3. Call a phone 911 to report a fire or a crime is happening.
  4. To report unusual or criminal activity (e.g., alarms, gun shots, screams for help, sounds of broken glass, unfamiliar objects persons loading them out of a house).


ü  Not a phone call 911 for information or phone number or things those are not serious.

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