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Defense DUI (driving under the influence) – Lawyers DUI

Each expert lawyer in DUI has successfully represented clients arrested and charged with a DUI. DUI is a criminal offense happens to all kinds of people. The implications of a DUI conviction may have longer than a sentence for another crime scope. Although DUI represents only a misdemeanor, experts DUI attorneys recommended seeking counsel with many years of experience defending DUI cases. Initially, a person might think, `How to fight the case, if I was drinking and driving?’. Although the situation seems bleak, there is always a case of defenses to DUI offense.

Why choose to defend you in your DUI?

We use our 45 years of combined experience to vigorously defend these alcohol-related driving offenses and navigate. Anyone arrested for DUI should understand that each case is different because of the subjective nature of these types of cases. Despite our success defending DUI and BUI, criminal defense firm, you cannot commit to promises to the end result. Every DUI is different depending on many factors (e.g. law enforcement agency and particularly the officers who made the arrest, if the authority obtained a breath alcohol test and the result of that test, if the driver took out physical sobriety tests if statements were made by the driver and if there were witnesses of alleged DUI).

To defend your case, you need a skilled defense lawyer DUI to protect their rights. Over the years, we have acquired the necessary to evaluate and defend cases of poisoning knowledge. Our experience allows us to determine the strengths and weaknesses in all cases of DUI and BUI. All DUI attorneys, allowing them to appreciate the perspective of how the prosecutor intends to assemble and present a DUI case against you. In DMT, confident in our ability to defend DUI cases. Most of our customers receive offers to dismiss, or to declare minors, such as irresponsible or reckless driving offenses.

A DUI Conviction and Change is Permanent Life

Although DUI is a misdemeanor, often carries penalties that are heavier and more powerful than a felony. A conviction by guilty plea or trial relating to DUI will involve a permanent criminal record. Other possible penalties that come with DUI include jail time, probation, suspension of driver’s license, hours of community service, confiscation of the vehicle ignition interlock mechanism, fines and court costs. The penalties for DUI that go with the sentence can be increased depending on the alcohol level yielding the result of the breath alcohol test and how many previous DUIs have the person in your file. The most serious impact of DUI is that under the laws of Florida, is considered a conviction. A DUI conviction will prevent you hide or cancel your file. Unfortunately, you will be charged with DUI conviction until the day I die.

Defense of a Criminal Case

  • To prove that an individual is guilty of DUI, the prosecution must prove that the defendant was:
  • In actual physical control of the vehicle, and
  • He was driving while his normal faculties were impaired, or
  • Driving with an illegal level alcohol in the breath or blood of .08 or higher.

Breathe Alcohol Testing

Of course, the best defense against a DUI arrest is refusing to carry out a breath alcohol test and physical exercise sobriety. The first line of defense in a DUI case is to show that the officer violated his rights by illegally ordering him to stop, including the results of the breath test or field sobriety exercises. Each lawyer specializing in DUI is highly trained in the laws relating to cases of illegal detentions and arrests in DUI and BUI.

Field Sobriety Exercises Location

Assuming that he is entitled to legally stop a defense lawyer expert DUI may challenge the admissibility of sobriety exercises in place. Sobriety exercises at the site will be dismissed if the officer did not offer the option to refuse to carry them out. Note that sobriety exercises in place are subjective and often the officers are not qualified to apply so that the results are irrelevant.

Rectify the maintenance file breathalyzer was used to determine whether or not functioning properly at the time the test is administered or if the device had recently been serviced before the test. The police officer you are required to obey other regulations applying alcohol test, such as breath: a period of 20 minutes of observation before conducting the test, the correct reading of the implied consent law, and the right breathalyzer calibration. Any error in the procedure may lead to the removal of test results. Do not lose hope just because you get an adverse result in breath alcohol test.


Even in a DUI case, you have the right to remain silent. Do not make any statement to the police; it could be accepted and turn against you. Once at the police station, the officer will read their constitutional rights (Miranda rights). Refuse to answer any questions and seek the assistance of a criminal lawyer. If the officer illegally obtained any evidence against you, a lawyer expert in DUI will be deleted, so as not to be admitted against you.


If all else fails, attorneys for DUI experts are prepared to take your case to trial. We excel in jury selection and cheats interrogation of police officers. We have taken dozens of DUI trials to accumulate a 85% success rate in the verdicts. Our experience and knowledge of DUI support us to raise reasonable doubt in any case. With any trial, is a risk? Knowing that, we exhaust every effort to resolve your case favorably before him on trial. The criminal defense team of will guide you every step of the way.

Administrative License Suspension Driver

If a person is arrested for DUI, occurs as a result a suspension of driver’s license if the arrested person has an alcohol level of .08 bloods be fit or refuses to submit to a breath test, urine or blood. If your license is suspended, you may appeal the suspension within 10 days of your arrest to request a formal review with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). If you appeal, you will receive a temporary permit, which allows you to drive until the day of the hearing. A lawyer for expert DUI will be presented at the hearing and will seek the suspension is invalid. If is successful in the audience, you will be entitled to reactivate your license immediately. Failure to attend the hearing before the DHSMV, your license may be suspended for 6-18 months, depending on the reason for the suspension. Even if the suspension is removed, it is likely that you are entitled to a license from narrow / limited, which allows you to drive only under conditions of their employment.