19 Oct

Drunk driving

Are you facing a charge of drunk driving, DWI or DUI? The worst two convictions for misdemeanors in Maryland are DWI (driving while intoxicated) and Domestic Violence. It has to do everything possible to fight for your DWI case and avoid a conviction at all costs, if possible.

What’s wrong with a DWI conviction? Apparently, every two years our legislators add new penalties and charges of DWI convictions. Currently a conviction primary offense DWI has the following sanctions:

  • Up to 180 days in county jail
  • Fine of up to $ 2,000
  • Automotive ignition interlock as a possible condition of probation
  • Mandatory classes “DWI is bad”
  • A sentence of life that can never be erased or canceled
  • A sentence of life that can be used against you forever
  • Thousands of dollars in “surcharges” to maintain their license. These last a year after his conviction
  • Thousands of “court costs” which actually have nothing to do with the court that found you

An experienced DWI defense is an investment for your future.


The first thing is to look at you. What do you remember the night of his arrest? How he felt? Let’s talk about your medical history what conditions would cause problems in the balancing test on the road?

The arresting officer has no idea who or how you are. The arresting officer does not care if you have a bad balance or has an old injury or other medical condition that affects your ability to perform the balancing test road. I care and I’ll use this information to help you fight for your case.


In general, the criminal justice system in Maryland is designed to end the defendants and provide only the minimum constitutional protection. However, a law still applies in your case is called the “exclusionary rule” This means that the police must have a legitimate reason to stop the car, stop, investigate DWI and or arrest him. Some cases have been dismissed because the officer had no valid reason to stop the driver.


Did the officer asked him to do a balancing test to see “if he was able to drive”? I believe that these tests are a farce. They are designed so that the suspects fail. Unfortunately, our courts of appeal in favor of the sentence allow these “tests” are evidence against him.

First, we need to see if the officer carried out the test correctly. In Maryland, any officer who attends the course of a few hours of sobriety in the field is allowed to carry out these tests with the public. Because the required very little training is not surprising that most officers cannot perform this test or qualify the right way.

That’s right, most of the time the official fails in its own sobriety test by not giving the correct instructions or use the correct qualification criteria. The state will argue that any official error should be ignored.