02 Nov

Drunk driving (OUI DWI DUI)

If you are facing the consequences of an arrest for drunk driving Massachusetts, you certainly are aware of the high risks involved. In today’s fast paced world, loss of driver’s license is almost as damaging as a jail sentence.

Criminal penalties for OUI (DUI / DWI)

Operating under the influence may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, even for first OUI offense. People who are convicted of drunk driving may face the following sanctions:

First offense OUI: People facing first offense drunk driving charges may face penalties including fines ($ 500- $ 5,000), license suspension (up to one year) and jail time (up to two and a half years). However, first – time offenders may be eligible to receive reduced sentences to complete a program of alcohol education approved.

Second offense OUI: A conviction for second offense drunk driving can result in fines ($ 600- $ 10,000), suspension license (two years) and jail time (30 days up to two and a half years).

Third offense OUI (and subsequent offenses): Third or subsequent offense drunk driving will result in charges of felony drunk driving, which can lead penalties including fines ($ 1,000- $ 50,000), license suspension (eight years to permanent revocation) and jail time (150 days up to five years).

Beat OUI charges and avoid serious consequences

If the police had no probable cause to stop your car, we will challenge the illegal arrest. Our arguments have, in fact, resulted in layoffs case.

Other details of your case will be examined thoroughly. For example, does the Breathalyzer test he refuses – and if so, what does this mean in relation to a possible license suspension? If you took a Breathalyzer test, what are the odds of successfully challenge the results of the breath test? This is his first offense OUI / DUI / DWI? Is it a relapse? Are you under 21?

Arrested for drunk driving? Protect your rights.

We are able to control their treatment by the police and attorney knowledgeable in their best interest from the time of his arrest until the end of a trial. in addition, if your license has been suspended or revoked, we can explain what is necessary for the restoration.