16 Nov

Drunk driving attorneys in Maryland

The drunk driving is one of the most common traffic violations in Maryland. It is common that people do not know the permitted legal amount of alcohol in the body, which arrests carried out by the Police Department on charges of DUI (when only influence of alcohol) and DWI (when you are affected or unable to they handled by Alcohol,) are numerous. Here we include those who drive under the influence of any drug since it is also Crime Transit.

Since you are stopped by the Traffic Police Officer, he is taking note of the fact and any criminal conduct that may be used against you in court. Tests and evidence is collected from arrest until the statement in the police station or the application of breath tests. In any arrest by a police officer, you have the right to be silent and not answer any question you asked by the police, especially when he is questioned took many alcoholic drinks. Also you have the right to call your lawyer at that moment. Avoid talk to the police agent because it can be used against everything you say.

Take you consider the following: The Police is collecting data; if handled carelessly, smell and speech, even their appearance will be used against you. It is urgent that you ask to speak to a lawyer as police know you will be arrested and taken to the police station, so you can save hours and unpleasant situations.

Defense driving drunk

Penalties for driving while berried Maryland, are varied depending on the circumstances of each particular case, being in the Judge free to decide whether further applies a corporal punishment of accused prison, according to the parameters determined in the criminal law in Maryland for DUI offenses, ranging according to the following:

  • First sentence: You can have a sentence until December 12 months in prison and the amount of $1,000 fine, with the driver’s license suspended.
  • Second sentence: The penalty can reach up to 2 two years in the imprisonment with an additional fine up to $2,000, with the respective revocation of driver’s license
  • Third judgment: the penalty is increased to 3 three years in prison, the fine can reach $3,000, with the revocation of the license driving.

In the latter case, if the offense occurs within five years after his last DUI, will include a higher penalty of imprisonment and forfeit any right to drive any vehicle by the Vehicle Administration Maryland (MVA for their acronym) was also given a date for their appearance before the Agency.