18 Sep

Cost of a defense lawyer for a DUI

No longer worrying when something that should not be so important is one of the most common searches, however, this article can help someone to deal with this issue before a problem occurs.

Referring only to the cost of a DUI defense attorney, this cost depends on a number of criteria, which depend, that says a number of people very experienced and skilled lawyers. The first criterion is the state in which the defendant was arrested, sometimes even the jurisdiction premises. Is arrested for a misdemeanor or a felony? It should be obvious that a felony be more expensive.

Is this a first offense? Is the defendant on probation for another DUI or other crimes? If the answer is “yes”, the cost will be higher. The experience of the lawyer in the local jurisdiction where the arrest was made ​​and where they will conduct the hearing and judgment may cost more. Will the defendant pleads guilty or innocent? “Not guilty” will certainly be more expensive. If the chosen lawyer needs to use an investigator to review the interviews or relevant facts of the case from the police, this will add to the fiscal cost.

For a plea of “guilty”, most lawyers put its $ 250 to $ 500 if no circumstances mitigating, this being a very, very simple case. This does not include any penalties, fees, fines and anything else that can be started in state jurisdiction. These additional costs can be another $ 1000 to $ 3000, once again, by state and jurisdiction. For a request of “not guilty”, the initial cost of a lawyer is $ 3000 to $ 10,000, but higher limit game is closer to $ 5,000.

This is a cost basis for the declaration of “not guilty” in the audience, and likely subsequent trial. This, by itself, is not very surprising. What is quite surprising is the potential total cost after all is said and done. Several interested and affected groups have done studies on the overall cost of a DUI with different criteria and scenarios that may be relevant.

In general, the cost of a DUI arrest first to go to trial by jury and results in a conviction, and has no damage or injury, or other extenuating circumstances, except number of detected alcohol, ranges from $ 9,000 to $ 13,000. This is what the defendant, now condemned to pay. The range depends on the state and, in some cases, jurisdictions involved. Add to this the jail time, if it is not given probation. This could mean the loss of wages or job loss. What is the cost of that event? The loss of the license itself means loss of jobs for many people.

To summarize the potential costs, we assume that the defendant is pleading “not guilty” and wants a jury trial.

Item Low High

  • Attorney fees $ 3,000 $ 5,000, but can be as high as $ 10,000;
  • Cost investigator $ 1,000 $ 3,000
  • Everything else … $ 5,000 $ 5,000 rough estimate