28 Aug


If you have been arrested for drunk driving, you probably also wondering if you really need a DUI lawyer or not. The answer depends largely on your situation. If this happens to be your first offense ever, and no other crimes, then you might be able to survive without a lawyer. However, if you are a repeat offender you definitely need the help of a DUI lawyer as the law is stricter on those who fall into this category.

Before deciding whether you need a lawyer or not, make sure you know the DUI laws in your state. Find out how much fines jail time, or you will have to ignore if not their own. This will help you make the right choice. If you opted to hire a lawyer, you made a good choice. The lawyer would have more back ground and experience than you, and will be better able to help you get less time in jail or a fine. If you feel that you cannot afford an attorney, try to discuss payment plans with them first. Law firms often have payment plans, such as credit payment plans, discounts and flexible payment plans to help you engage their services.

There are some things you should consider when looking for and choosing your lawyer: · Find a lawyer who specializes in DUI cases, as it will be more conversant with the judiciary and prosecutors to negotiate a better deal for you. Make an appointment for a consultation with a lawyer. This should be done for free as this is only a consultation, you are not hiring yet.

You should be able to decide whether to work with them at the end of the discussion and they have explained what to expect when you have to stand trial. Find out how much it will cost you everything. Search also if there are additional charges would have to pay, which is not included in the expenses. Also ask about the circumstances that increase the cost even more and are willing to offer a payment plan.

Meetings with at least 2 or 3 lawyers so it would at least 2 or 3 price quotes, Choose the one you think is best for you. Also, meet more lawyers will provide more information to make the right decision. · Learning about DUI laws so that you are up to date on current news on fines and jail time. Make sure you know what you’re getting into. While others might have been able to stand trial without a lawyer, you should ask yourself if this is a risk you would be comfortable taking?

If you can hire someone who specializes in this, why not? Each case presented before the court is different, consider the political situation in the state at that time. Are politicians to be tough extra DUI offenders? Is this something that can affect the outcome of your trial? If you are not sure, check. The Internet, is full of information that you can use to make an informed decision.

21 Aug

DUI Defense

At the moment you have been arrested for drunk driving in your state, you should contact a good lawyer who has a great experience in defending clients before the threshold of justice. The contact an attorney experienced in these types of cases is the first step to build a good defense. When working with a lawyer who specializes in DUI cases, this may review all information concerning your case and question those procedures that have been made incorrectly.

There are some cases where police officers will default the steps established by law when proceeding to examine the amount of alcohol in blood of the driver and this can be useful when your case is defended in court, as this may cause the charges and fines imposed by the police.

The most common errors are:

When a policeman does not have probable cause: the police must at all times have probable cause to make traffic stop, as established in the penal code. In the event that a police did not have probable cause, it cannot legally make a traffic stop.

If your rights are not read during arrest: There are cases where police officers do not read rights to defendants when they are arrested. Rights must be read to inform the accused of the functions available such as keeping silent and the right to an attorney. In the event that a policeman does not give rights to the driver, detention can be considered illegal.

Erroneous results breathalyzer test: When the police consider a person suspected of drunk driving, it usually requires a breathalyzer test driver. Corresponds to the police officer is to determine if the driver is unable to drive due to alcohol consumption. The agent must examine the driver and motor function, balance and coordination while breath tests are made.

However, these tests are subjective and may vary from agent to agent. There are reasons why a person may appear to be drunk without consuming any alcoholic amount, such as a slippery road, poor illumination of the road, ambiguous instructions from police officer and any medical conditions affecting the coordination driver.

14 Aug

Average income of a divorce lawyer

Contrary to popular belief, divorce lawyers do not win all six figure salaries. The average domestic relations lawyer earns about $ 96,000 a year, the partners of law firms earn much more than the associated lawyers. This does not mean, however, a family law attorney potential can expect to earn this figure as a matter of routine. Real incomes fluctuate based on a variety of factors.

Education and Experience

A lawyer graduated from a law school first class with excellent grades will be more likely to get a job in a company of elite, where salaries are commensurate with the educational pedigree lawyer. Among the lawyers of the same educational background, those with experience usually earn more than graduates since his time have a higher rate of turnover and have had more time to build a clientele.

Geographical location

Like in real estate, location is an important factor concerning national laws. In general, lawyers practicing in large cities charge higher rates and earn higher than those who have established their offices in small towns or rural areas, largely due to variations in the cost of living and income wages of potential customers. The lawyers of large cities, however, may earn less than their rural counterparts if they live in economically depressed areas.


The clientele of a divorce lawyer has a marked effect on income. In general, lawyers attending a wealthy clientele can charge more for their services a business lawyer whose clients come from middle and lower class. Although this comes in part on the willingness and ability to pay for wealthy clients, also from the fact that wealthier clients tend to have more complex and higher liability problems.

Economic Conditions

The high proportion of marriages that end in divorce is not necessarily translated into a client for divorce lawyers. While having a steady stream of clients needing representation is important for maintaining a healthy practice, it is even more important to have a steady stream of customers who can pay for such representation. A high overall unemployment rate means fewer customers able to pay a divorce attorney, and the poor performance of the economy in general produces lower values ​​of retirement accounts and investments that many customers use to finance their divorce litigation.

Work ethic

Despite their education, experience and position in terms of geographic location and placing on the market, the income of a divorce lawyer will depend largely on your work ethic and the amount of time you are willing to invest in their practice. In private practice, many lawyers will have the luxury of creating your own schedule, a lawyer who devotes his time to do the job, get customers and promote their practice usually earn more than one who devotes his time to the family, hobbies and other leisure activities.

07 Aug

Do I need a lawyer

There are many circumstances in the United States in which a person is entitled to represent himself in legal matters. The Supreme Court has held that the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution which guarantees the right the right to consultation also allows a person to represent himself at trial. Similarly, many states have constitutional provisions that allow self-representation. However, this right to self-representation has limits and there are certain circumstances in which the legal consultant is needed.

What is Representation Per Se?

An individual who is representing himself in a litigious matter is called a trial per se. A per se litigant has the right to call witnesses, to petition the court and otherwise zealously represent him in court.

No need for a litigant per a lawyer is or has any legal training. However, by definition, a litigant per se can only represent you. You cannot represent others because if I did would be guilty of unauthorized practice of law and without a license.

For individuals who want to represent themselves, there are state and private resources available to help. Many state bar associations provide assistance to litigants per se. The Internet and law schools also have available legal material.

When is prohibited Representation Per Se?

Most state laws limit per representation when the trial per se acts not only in his-own name but on behalf of others. For example:

Representation of a Corporation: generally, a licensed attorney should represent a corporation in a legal proceeding. This is to protect the rights of all shareholders of the corporation.

Representation of a Probate Estate: similarly, a licensed attorney should represent an estate. Generally, an executor does not act per se because the rights of all potential heirs and beneficiaries must be properly protected.

Furthermore, while per se litigants can act on their own behalf at trial that does not give the whole per se litigant the right to proceed without a consultant. For example:

Appeals: Most Federal Appellate Courts generally do not allow litigants per arguments presented in court.

Judicial Discretion: Sometimes, a trial judge is concerned that the ability of a litigant per se does not allow you to properly defend him or expertise of a litigant per the decorum of a courtroom is maintained and not negative for procedures. In such cases, the court may determine that the litigant per the advice of a licensed attorney necessary to advise you behind the scenes of a trial. The court may also appoint a counselor if necessary.

When Discouraging Representation per Se?

There are also situations in which an individual may have the legal right to represent him and others in which it is not a good idea. For example, if you are a defendant in a criminal trial and freedom is at stake, then, often, it is advisable to have a counselor or to be appointed a director on its behalf. Also, if you are involved in a complicated bankruptcy or civil proceedings where the outcome can greatly affect your personal finances, we recommend the assistance of a lawyer.

Only you can decide if deemed competent to represent him and if you want to take the risks associated with proceeding as a trial per se. If you are not sure how to proceed, it is worth discussing with the local bar association or an attorney licensed in order to get a better idea of ​​how to proceed.