31 Jul

7 Reasons to hire a DUI attorney

Fight back with the help of a DUI lawyer Irvine to avoid these 7 possible consequences of DUI

DUI Lawyer If you have been charged with DUI, not meekly accept a conviction and all the consequences that may involve you. A lawyer for DUI in Irvine can help you make a better result. Here we present 7 reasons why you should hire a professional to help you overcome your DUI charges.

You could lose driving privileges

As soon as you become charged with DUI, your license will be confiscated and immediately suspended sentence as an Administrative Per Se. If convicted of DUI, you may face more suspensions or revocations. By hiring a DUI lawyer in Irvine, you can get a valuable aid in the process of DMV hearing is necessary to prevent automatic imposition of the administrative penalty Per Se and defend against criminal charges that could bring new sanctions.

You could go to jail

DUI convictions carry a possible sentence of up to six months in prison for the first offense, with possible additional jail sentences for repeat offenders.

Your insurance may increase price

If your car insurance provider sees a DUI conviction on his record, probably as a result, will increase your insurance rates. In some cases, they may even withdraw completely its coverage.

He could face travel restrictions

To travel to some countries, like Canada, you must obtain a special exemption to show the existence of criminal convictions. Being convicted of DUI can seriously hinder your ability to travel internationally, especially in the short term.

His career could be harmed

If your job involves driving, do not be surprised if you degrade or fired following a conviction for DUI. You might even lose the right to hold a commercial driver’s license permanently if the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is involved. To make matters worse, have a criminal conviction on your record can make it much harder for you to be hired for a new job.

You could be suspended in college

Some universities the right to suspend any student guilty of DUI are reserved. Clearly this can seriously affect your grades or even their ability to graduate on time.

Next time it could be worse

A final reason to hire a DUI attorney in Irvine to represent you in your current DUI case is that sanctions will worsen with subsequent convictions. You may think that now will save money by not hiring a lawyer, but if you are convicted of DUI again, in the next 10 years could result in heavy fines and not be able to overcome economically.

Get a free case evaluation now

Considering all you will lose if convicted of a DUI, you may want to perform a free evaluation of your case to see how it can help a lawyer. There are many lawyers will be happy to review the basics of your case and provide an expert opinion as to the strength of the charges against them and their ability to overcome them.

24 Jul

Defense Attorney DWI Drunk Driving

Driving While Intoxicated – DWI (sometimes also called driving under the influence (DUI *) is a very serious charge If you fail a breathalyzer test (blowing) when the police stop you and your case is not handled properly. That could result in lifelong consequences.

They have stopped for driving under the influence of alcohol (DWI/drunk driving)? Contact the DWI defense attorney in our city office and make an appointment. Do not give up your right to be legally represented.

This is his first offense DWI? You should always protect yourself from the penalties that accompany a conviction. An attorney with talent and experience in defending DWI cases has 5 years of experience in criminal defense.

  • A DWI conviction can have serious consequences in your life.
  • A conviction for DWI is reflected in his criminal record and your driving record.
  • Your driver’s license will be suspended for a certain period of time.
  • You could go to jail.
  • You must pay fines.
  • You may have to install a device to blow in his vehicle by which you must pay.
  • You will be required to participate in intervention programs and possibly other treatments.
  • Share your car insurance will increase for several years.
  • Indeed, it might be difficult to obtain life insurance with a DWI conviction.

DWI attorney can handle the administrative case at the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) including the status of your driver’s license, as well as the defense of criminal charges, including driving under the influence of alcohol (DWI) , open container, driving after consuming alcohol and operate a boat while intoxicated (BWI).

You can be arrested for DWI in motorized lawn mower or parking lot, as well as driving a vehicle or boat.

DWI laws are complex, and the outcome of your case will depend on the specific facts relating to his arrest. For more information and answers to questions like “When should refuse to blow?” and “When I will have my driver’s license?”

Many people will tell you that your case can not be won. That’s because they do not try to win.

17 Jul


So that the police can be charged with a DUI / DWI, there are many strict and exact steps you have to perform. If at any time the police do not meet these steps or you deny your legal rights, or if the “proof” that they were obtained in an illegal manner or if the “test” does not apply at the time of arrest, charges against him could be eliminated.

A breach of DUI / DWI could be the start of a downward spiral of his life. If your license is revoked for DUI / DWI, you will have many difficulties to get to work, see his family, dear, and you will have many other difficulties in their daily lives because you cannot handle. Driving without a license you can cause other serious problems.

Hence, their lives can be affected in a negative way for years. Do not make the mistake of hiring a lawyer who only works with DUI / DWIs. They’re going to take your money but often these types of deals that lawyers do not suit you at all. Many times these agreements can leave you his criminal record tarnished or / and leave their license revoked. You just have to trust a lawyer DWI / DUI rated Rafael Trujillo to represent you in the courtroom. Rafael is a lawyer who only wants what is best for your client. Rafael fight to avoid fines, defend or / and fight to return their license, and fight to clear all criminal records.

10 Jul

Defending a DUI charge accidentally hit-and-run

Drivers who are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) face serious criminal charges. Most states impose heavy fines and jail drunk drivers who harm others or cause property damage accidents. The fines and increased jail time increases after the first violation of a driver. In addition, drivers can see your driver’s license suspended for a first offense and a driver’s license revoked in subsequent crimes that leave them without the legal right to operate a motor vehicle.

All these statements can be expanded when the driver is charged with a DUI hit and run accident, because most states also impose significant penalties when the scene of an accident is abandoned.

These serious consequences make it important for those who have been charged with a DUI hit and run, defended before a court.

Some common defenses to DUI hit and run accidents include:

  • You did not drive the vehicle that caused the accident: police officers often identify the car involved in a hit and run accident, but the driver did. They can accuse a passenger or the person in whose name the car is registered to drive the car involved in the accident. While a passenger or car owner may have some responsibility for the accident, it is often not as serious as an accident DUI hit and run;
  • You did not know that you caused an accident while this may not be a complete defense against all the charges against you, you can defend the cause of the accident hit and run, or leaving the scene of an accident;
  • You were not drunk: Similar to the defense described above, a defense in the sense that you were not drunk will not be a complete defense against a DUI accident hit and run. You still need to defend against the charge of hit and run. However, if the police have no physical evidence that the alcohol content in the blood was above the legal limit and was not drunk at the time of the accident, then you might have a defense against the charge of DUI
  • Police have broken the law to obtain evidence: if the police did not follow all proper procedures and did not allow him all his rights during the investigation and arrest, then some of the evidence gathered by police could not be admitted to the trial and you could negotiate a favorable deal.

Defense in a DUI hit and run accident is unique

While the defenses described above are common defenses in accidents while intoxicated, hit and run, they are not appropriate for any alleged DUI accident hit and run. Each defending these cases is based on the unique facts of each case. The facts can lead to a defense that is not listed above or in one or more of the above described above defenses.

For these reasons, it is important to carefully document all the facts about your case to share with his attorney. Remember, any penalties for this kind of accidents can include a felony conviction with large fines, jail time and revocation of the license. For these reasons, it is important to aggressively defend themselves against such charges.

03 Jul


  1. Do not wait! If you are being investigated or charged with a crime (including DUI), you should consult an attorney immediately, you will not be able to find an attorney. If you wait until the day before a court appearance.
  2. Remember that you should hire a professional you can trust. If you feel uncomfortable with the way it is initially treated, is likely to feel uncomfortable with that person as your lawyer. If the lawyer is not professional or cannot trust him, do not hire!
  3. Call at least three lawyers. How many   more initially call more you will understand if you are giving accurate information.
  4. Talk to each lawyer on the phone about the basic nature of the case (for example, charges jurisdiction, next presentation in court, etc.)
  5. Talk each lawyer about/experience level (how long has practiced, where he has practiced, whether it has handled cases like yours, etc.)
  6. Talk to each lawyer about what it would cost an initial consultation (some lawyers charge by an initial consultation, many do not).
  7. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. No attorney must promise that he / she can get your case dismissed. No attorney must promise “to win the case for you.” If you say this better find another lawyer. Remember, you are the judge of first instance and know if a lawyer is properly serving their interests.
  8. If you decide to hire an attorney, read and understand the payment agreement before signing it. Always get a copy of the payment agreement for your records.
  9. Talk to each lawyer about how much he / she charges for a case like the one you described (flat fee? Hourly rate?), how long will take to the case and the amount of advance that he /she needs. Note that the advancement of a lawyer is not the budget total fees. Also remember, hiring a lawyer can be, and often is expensive.

When comparing lawyers may consider hourly rates as a more accurate cost, using the amount of the required advance measure, the difference of $ 100 may not seem like much, but it can add up quickly. For example, if a lawyer works all day if necessary, at a cost of $ 250 per hour, the cost to you is $ 2,250. If Attorney B works the same day, at a cost of $ 350 per hour, the cost would be $ 3,150 – almost a thousand dollars.

That said, it must be true (though not always) Lawyer B may have more experience with that experience may be able to resolve your case faster and more successfully. In short – if rates mentioned are extremely low or extremely high, it is preferable to keep looking for another lawyer.