29 May

Do I need an immigration lawyer for my case in criminal court

If you are not a citizen and has been arrested for a crime, you should seriously consider consulting with an immigration attorney and a criminal defense attorney. Some things you should know if you are trying to decide whether to consult with an immigration attorney about your case in criminal court includes:

  • Even “minor” crimes, such as shoplifting, may have serious immigration consequences.
  • Misdemeanors can lead to deportation and removal.
  • Some faults can be considered aggravated felonies for immigration purposes.
  • Some special programs, such as deferred prosecution, may still lead to a conviction for immigration purposes.
  • Although the explanation can be useful from the criminal point of view, many immigration forms require you to list all arrests or ever have been arrested by police – even if your record has been sealed or expunged and even if were not condemned.

Why consult an immigration attorney rather than just a criminal defense attorney?

Both immigration law and criminal law are complex areas of law. For criminal law aspects of your case, you want a criminal defense attorney representing you can get the best resolution from the criminal point of view. The efforts of his criminal defense attorney will include things such as getting drop the charges or reduced, negotiate the best possible plea agreement and that the defense at trial if necessary. You will want someone who is an expert in these areas represent you in your case in criminal court.

In some cases, however, the best resolution from the point of view of criminal defense that could expose serious immigration consequences, such as being placed in deportation or removal, You must ensure that you also receive guidance on the immigration consequences of their case in criminal court so that you can minimize the risk of deportation or who are inadmissible to the United States. Working together, your immigration attorney and criminal defense attorney can obtain the best resolution from the point of view of criminal defense and minimize the immigration consequences of his criminal case.

What are the benefits of getting an immigration lawyer involved in my case in criminal court?

As discussed above, get an immigration lawyer involved in the case in criminal court can help you get the most of your case criminal court and minimize the consequences of immigration that you may face. Additionally, by getting involved early in your case, your lawyer will be in the best position to argue that if placed in removal proceedings or deportation.

But wouldn’t be expensive to get an immigration lawyer involved in my case in criminal court?

Not necessarily. Many immigration lawyers’ have affordable consultations for people who are not citizens and who face criminal charges, you may find it very affordable to have a job of immigration attorney criminal defense lawyer to help ensure that minimizes the immigration consequences of criminal case.

22 May

5 Things every driver should know about DUI

It is not illegal to drive after drinking alcoholic. It is illegal to drive while intoxicated or impaired. Every driver should know how to protect a false DUI conviction.

  1. Cause to stop the police must have a reason to stop when driving. Decide to stop mostly depending on the form of that drive (DOH). Signs think shows DUI or DWI drivers are many. They seek erratic driving as unexplained changes speed, excessive movement within or lane changing lanes without indicating. Parking wrong, have the appearance of not knowing where you are etc… Unfortunately could be and often is, a perfectly acceptable reason for any and all of these “signs “. A good DUI lawyer can discuss this in court for you.
  2. Field tests Sobriety these tests are indicative of sobriety. Besides the officer who stopped him, in most cases, has already decided that a DUI or DWI case. Only use these tests to confirm their suspicions. No stone cold sober these tests, most people would have. Is only an indication of its ability to balance or countdown or whatever?
  3. Blood tests are the most accurate evidence and it is your rights to ask for this if you are stopped for DUI or DWI. You can even ask for your own physician or hospital for testing. A DUI lawyer will tell you what to do. If you are unable to make your own doctor or hospital, you should request a blood sample so you can obtain your own independent tests conducted.
  4. Alcohol Content breath analysis tests Blood machines are only accurate when they are regularly tested and aligned and used as directed. Your DUI lawyer will have to check the calibration records. Mainly the police did not use them as directed, you will be prompted to “keep blowing, keep blowing” but that’s not the way it should be used. The air in the bottom of the lungs has a higher concentration of alcohol, then air from the upper or middle part. The breath test machine is calibrated to the average concentration not the background so asks you to empty your lungs will give a false reading and help you convicted of DUI or DWI, although it remains below the legal limit.
  5. Weather Tribunal if they are charged with DUI or DWI may end up in court. Now really the deck is stacked against you if you have a good DUI lawyer with you. If the police have rail correlates you and more than 30% of those have been cut, and then, the Court believes them instead of 100% of the time. Unless … you have an experienced DUI lawyer on your side, the cost of losing a DUI or DWI case will run to $ 10,000 or more. If the attorney costs $ 5,000 and reduces or eliminates the conviction have cut costs and possibly regained their life.

A DUI lawyer About Recovery after conviction OK, if you are late in finding this and have already been convicted of DUI or DWI what to do? You need to figure out how to get your life on an even keel. Need to find out how to get drivers back of the license, how to protect yourself when a new job is requested, how to get auto insurance at a reasonable price, etc… In short, there is much you can do to get your life after a DUI conviction.